Miscellaneous Patterns

Tulip Festival Throw

The Tulip Festival Throw was made for one of my favorite spring time events, the Albany Tulip Festival. Each bed of tulips at the festival is full of beautiful blooms all open and bursting with gorgeous color and all of the tulips are evenly spaced in their beds. The Tulip Festival Throw is made with a bulky weight yarn and has a seed stitch border. The tulips are done in a lace pattern that is easy to remember. 

Adult Bolero

adult bolero thumb

The Adult Bolero Sweater is a top down raglan bolero sweater.  It can be made in two lengths, a short style and a longer vest like style.  The short style matches the Baby Bolero Sweater.  Finish the Adult Bolero Sweater with a button, a pin, or a shawl pin.  The bolero is made with a bulky weight yarn. 

Market Bag

The Market Bag is designed to be an open, easy to access bag worn over the shoulder. Use it to replace plastic bags. Use it for your groceries, at the farmer’s market to hold your vegetables, to carry your lunch to work or your sneakers to the gym. Or, use it when you go to the mall to carry all of your purchases. It is stretchable and expands to hold bulky items. It’s made with worsted weight 100% cotton yarn. 

Felted Bowls

The Felted Bowls are a quick to knit project. Each bowl has a little handle knit right into the bowl on each side. Make them for seasonal displays, for the holidays, or for gifts. The large bowl is the perfect size to hold yarn or your next knitting project. A Corning Ware French White casserole bowl fit perfectly in the medium size. The small bowl is approximately 7 1/2 inches in diameter by 3 3/4 inches high, the medium bowl is approximately 9 1/2 inches in diameter by 4 inches high, and the large bowl is approximately 11 1/2 inches in diameter by 4 1/2 inches high. 

The Saratoga Blend

The Saratoga Blend is a pattern with two different size towels, a place mat, a washcloth, and a hot pad or dishcloth. The pattern includes four easy stitch patterns that can be used to make any of the items. Click on the picture to the left to see the different stitch patterns. The items are all made in 100% worsted weight cotton. Instead of using paper towels, make your own towels.  Your whole home will be “green” and you will be saving money and the planet.  The larger towel can be used in the kitchen or bath and would also make an excellent towel for a baby or small children.  The smaller towel can be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen and could also be used as a sturdy napkin.  The place mat is a generous size and can be easily washed, dried and back on the table.  The hot pad can be used as a dish cloth or as a washcloth for a baby.  These items make excellent gifts and will add luxury and style to any kitchen or bath. 

Lacy Hearts Throw

The Lacy Hearts Throw is made up of many lacy hearts. It is a lovely gift for a newborn, a newlywed, or for your sweetheart. It would also make a perfect decorative throw to drape on a chair or bed to chase a chill on a cold evening. And of course, it would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Make it in worsted weight 100% cotton or 100% wool. It is a challenging project, but the result is worth the effort. 

The Saratoga Bag

The Saratoga Bag is felted and shaped like a Bermuda bag. It has a little handle knitted right into the bag and comes in three sizes. The pattern includes directions for a knitted flower embellishment. Bulky weight 100% wool yarn is used. 

Holiday Mitten

The Holiday Mitten is a large felted mitten that can be used as a holiday decoration on a door or door handle to hold cards or greenery. It can also be hung on the mantle like a stocking. Use it as a hostess gift or as a festive purse during the holiday season. Worsted weight 100% wool yarn is used. 

Saratoga Mittens

The Saratoga Mittens will keep your whole family warm during the winter. The mittens feature a rounded hand and thumb. They are sized for a child’s medium and large, and for an adult small, medium, and large. They are made in worsted weight wool. 

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